Support Programs

Dancer’s Legacy Foundation offers assistance to those working to keep horses healthy and in safe situations.

From time to time, we may provide specific grants to pre-selected organizations to help with feed or basic veterinary expenses..

Dancer’s Legacy Foundation partners with equine veterinary clinics across the country to give responsible horse owners discounts on services such as castration of stud colts/stallions and dental care.

When able, Dancer’s Legacy will work with humane societies/animal control in times of disaster such as fire or flood to help with short-term emergency aid for evacuated equines.

Join Us In the Fight To Save Horses

One of our Dental Clinics in Colorado

Gelding Assistance

Dancer’s Legacy Foundation teams up with equine veterinary practices across the U.S. (and interested vet schools) to provide lowered cost clinics for the gelding of stud colts and stallions. Reducing the horse population is an important aspect of improving equine welfare. Not every horse needs to be bred.

Dancer’s Legacy Foundation works with veterinary practices across the country to host discounted gelding clinics. Ask your equine veterinarian to contact us for more information, [email protected].

Dental Care Assistance

Regular dental care for horses is critical to both their comfort and health. Equine dentistry has made many advances in recent years and these improvements help horses lead happier and healthier lives.

Dancer’s Legacy Foundation teams up with veterinary practices around the country to host discounted dental clinics. Ask your equine veterinarian to contact us for more details, [email protected].

Dancer’s Legacy Impact Map

Dancer’s Legacy Foundation has provided grants to Longhopes Donkey Shelter (CO), Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue (CO), Strawberry Mountain Mustangs (OR), Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary (GA), Equine Rescue League (VA), Freedom Hill Horse Rescue (MD), Montana Horse Sanctuary (MT), Bright Futures Farm (PA), The Fawor Foundation (CO), Hidden Springs Horse Rescue (FL), Horse Feathers Equine Center (OK), Illinois Equine Humane Center (IL), Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary (FL), Wild Horse Rescue Center (FL), and Mustang Ambassador Program (CO). Grants have assisted these organizations with hay, feed, veterinary and training needs.

Grant Feedback

Thank you from all of us at Freedom Hill Horse Rescue for the award of a grant for help with our hay and grain expenses! We are very appreciative of your support and your faith in us to help the horses. We have succeeded in finding homes for over 25 horses (in 2014) BEFORE they ended up at auction via owner surrender. Thank you so much for your help in making it possible for us to do what we do!
– Kristy, Lori and the whole herd at FHHR, Maryland

“We are deeply appreciative of your kindness and your continued advocacy of equine welfare. The grant money allowed us to purchase two semi-loads of hay for the rescued horses currently living at the sanctuary. You’ve provided an extraordinary amount of help and eased the burden of feeding a herd this large (48).”
– Melanie, Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, Georgia

The grant funds have been used to provide crucial hay and feed to many horses, donkeys, ponies and mules living at the farm shelter. Thanks to your support, they are warm with full bellies as we head into the hardest of the winter months.
– Hayley, Equine Rescue League, Virginia

“Thank you for your generous grant to Bright Futures Farm to help with the cost of our hay this winter. Your grant helped us acquire the last 400 bales of hay needed to complete our winter 2014-2015 supply. We appreciate your support!”
– Beverlee, Bright Futures Farm, Pennsylvania

I just wanted to say thank you again for the generous grant. It made a huge difference to the horses and donkeys. We made one late purchase of ‘extra’ hay as the price and quality were great. The horses are absolutely thriving on it. It’s been a cold, snowy and windy winter but they are all keeping their weight on nicely even the seniors. Thank you for making the lives of so many horses and donkeys better!
-Jane, Montana Horse Sanctuary, Inc., Montana

“Thank you for the grant for feed expenses at Longhopes. Your kindness makes it possible for us to offer safe haven for donkeys who would otherwise be at risk for neglect, abuse or death.”
– Kathy, Longhopes Donkey Shelter, Colorado

Thanks for Dancer’s Legacy, we were able to stockpile some much sought after alfalfa hay, the only food source we use for our rehabs. Because the Dancer’s Legacy grant helped us free up some of our other funding, we were able to do a month long castration clinics with one of our local vets. Thanks so much for all you do! Dancer’s Legacy is making a huge difference to horses across the country.
-Darla, Strawberry Mountain Mustangs, Oregon