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Our mission is to educate people about horse care.

We promote educational events including horse owner responsibility, youth activities such as summer horse camps, and clinics for horse owners to learn skills like safe trailer loading for disaster preparedness. Other events focus on improving the horse-owner relationship (i.e., problem-solving, riding skills, etc.). Currently all located in Colorado.

You can click on written materials below which provide an overview on various horse care topics and equine welfare issues.


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Veterinarian & Owner Testimonials

 I want to thank you for your dental program. I was able to get a discount from my vet for my two horses. This program really helps out with encouraging dental for horses. As you know, they really need this. – C. Zech, Colorado

Our clinic was a success! Thank you again for your help. Our clients were very pleased with the discount, especially our few who were able to get their crypt-orchid surgeries done! Again, thank you for allowing us to hold the discount clinic. – Stacey, Mesa Vista Veterinary Hospital

Holy Guacamole! What a turn-out for the Dancer’s Legacy float clinic!!! Thanks for the tremendous support to our clients. They love the discount and it gets so many people to get involved in their horse’s health. Thanks Dancer’s Legacy for your generous support! – Range View Equine Associates/Dr. Parker

Thank you for offering the discounts on dental floats. We do appreciate it. Myself, my daughter and several of our boarders benefited from this. Thanks also to Dr. Parker for being a participating veterinarian. – S. Borders, Colorado

“We were very pleased (with the clinic’s turn out). Thanks to your assistance we have been able to get horses in that would not normally come in on a regular basis…Thank you so much for helping subsidize dental work on horses.  It helped a lot and my horses and I appreciate it greatly.” – Sandy, CO

“I had my 2 horses’ teeth floated by Rangeview Equine Associates and received a $50 discount for each horse. Thank you for making these savings possible for horse owners through your program.” – Kea, CO

“Our first dental clinic (of 2016) with Dancer’s Legacy was a bounding success…we completed 16 dentals! It’s a real pleasure working with you.” – K. Burton, Desert Pines Equine, NV

“Dr. Parker was out today for a dental exam and float on my 31 year old rescue horse Belle. I want to thank you so very much for the $50 discount. What an awesome thing to do.” – Annette, CO

“Thank you very much for the dental discount. It is very much appreciated, especially this time of the year. We have two horses and were able to take advantage of this great offer.”– Marvin, CO

“Thank you for this very generous discount for my clients! They really appreciate the help that Dancer’s Legacy provides. Equine dentistry is such a rewarding part of my practice. Providing good equine dental care is such an easy way to make a difference in the day to day life of a horse.” – Dr. Randy Parker, CO

“Our first dental clinic with Dancer’s Legacy was a bounding success! With just a few last minute cancellations we completed 16 dentals! Speaking of our castration clinic, we are so excited to have as many as 16 horses currently signed up… we have people attending from the far reaches of our territory, even one from our local animal control coming in. It’s a real pleasure working with you.” – K. Burton, LVT, Desert Pines Equine Center, NV

“Thank you for the dentals with Dr. Parker. Our horses thank you as well! Dr. Parker, as always, did a great job!” – B. Volock, CO

“We hauled three 5 year olds to Dr. DeAngelo on 6/25/15. We so appreciate the grant monies on two horses. Thank U, Thank U!” – Brian and Catherine, CO

“I want you to know how much everyone appreciates you. Sometimes they do not take the time to say thank you but they tell me.” – Billie Jean/Tularosa Equine, NM

“Hello, I just wanted to say Thank You for the grant that was given to Calhan Veterinary for equine power float. I had two of my horses done and this was generously passed on to me. Thank you.” – Sandy K., CO

“I just returned from Dr. DeAngelo’s clinic in Calhan. I jumped on the opportunity to take advantage of some cheaper dentistry. I was able to have 3 of our 5 horses floated. All of our horses are ‘freebies’… two are retired and the other three are in full-time work. I cannot thank you enough for offering the grant to Calhan Veterinary Clinic. It made keeping up on our routine floats much more doable financially and not only do I thank you, so do our horses. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” – Jessica M., CO

“We would just like to say thank you for supporting the castration clinic at Tularosa Equine Clinic.  We had our four year old colt done today and without your generous donation we may not have been able to afford it. ” – Mark and Monika, NM

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the financial assistance you provided to Dr.Carrie O’Brian for the castration clinic we held in Gaston, OR. I had my coming three year old colt gelded that day for $110 which was wonderful. I recently (Nov 2013) adopted him from an Adams Oregon wild horses.” – Jamie, OR

“The doctors were happy at how smoothly everything went and several clients were very thankful and appreciative for the service. I have several people that participated today that have other stallions that were asking if we are planning on doing another clinic in the future.” – Desert Pines Equine Center in NV

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for this generous assistance for my clients. We advertised via email as well as putting it on Facebook. It was a real hit and new and old clients really appreciated it and took advantage of it. I actually got well over 20 people taking advantage of the deal…Again, thank you for this generous gift. Thank you for all you do for the welfare of horses!” – R.L. Parker, DVM, Colorado

Event Calendar

Discounted Gelding Clinic
March 9, 2024
Newberg Equine Clinic (Dr. Carrie O’Brien)
Location: Corvallis, OR (River Bottom Stables)
503-538-8341 or 541-740-5023

Discounted Dental Clinic
April 1-30, 2024
Calhan Veterinary Clinic
Calhan, CO

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