Horrible Abuse of Havasu Canyon Equines

Havasu Canyon Falls

Havasu Canyon, a popular tourist location at the edge of the Grand Canyon, has been abusing horses, burros, and donkeys for years.

It is a beautiful location, but nearly everyone who goes into the canyon is carried on the backs of these equines. Because it is located on tribal land, people hire local Havasupai people to guide them down the steep canyon. The animals carry camping equipment, ice chests, and other supplies down a rocky 10-mile trail that zigzags down the side of the canyon. Many of these animals are starving and overworked, sometimes so badly that the loads they carry have worn their skin down to the bone.

However, this suffering has mostly been hidden or ignored by guides and visitors alike.

Equine abuse can be found almost anywhere, even in the most beautiful of places. Reporting abuse and getting others to speak up is critical to the welfare of horses, mules, and donkeys.

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Visit the SAVE (Stop Animal Violence) site to see how you can help the Havasu Canyon equines.