Encouraging News from Our Nation’s Capitol

Contact your Congressional representatives to support an end to horse slaughter.

Encourage them to join these members of Congress who already have taken a stand against this brutal and unnecessary industry.

According to a recent article on Tuesday’s Horse, Representative Earl Blumenhauer (D-OR) issued a statement about his work with the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus and the recent March Against Horse Slaughter.

Rep. Blumenhauer held a briefing to highlight the issue of Horse Slaughter to the 120 lawmakers on the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus.

“In order to educate my fellow Representatives on this issue, I invited experts from all over the country to testify on the need to end horse slaughter now. The panel that testified included animal welfare experts, as well as celebrities like “Pretty Little Liars” star Huw Collins and sportscaster Bonnie-Jill Laflin. The room was packed, and the presentation was powerful, personal, and highly effective in conveying the horrors of horse slaughter.” – Rep. Earl Blumenhauer

This is highly encouraging news! To keep up momentum, contact your Representative here!

Read the article from Tuesday’s Horse Here!