BLM Rounding Up Mustangs in 2017

Wild horses in a trap

 The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to remove over 3,000 wild horses during Fiscal Year 2017.

Winter roundups have been ongoing.

The agency intends to pause during foaling season (March to June). Over 650 mustangs will have lost their homes on taxpayer funded public lands prior to that time.

Roundups include the Cedar Mountain herd management area (HMA) in Utah; Reveille HMA in Nevada; and Sulphur HMA in Utah.

Approximately 600 horses will be rounded up in Cedar Mountain with about 200 of them being permanently removed. 150 mares should be treated with PZP fertility control prior to release.

The Reveille HMA horses will have 125 removed with 50 of those being permanent removals. Thirty mares will be treated with PZP fertility control prior to release. The BLM has stated a “court order” is their justification for this roundup.

The Sulphur HMA roundup has been ongoing since January 17. The BLM plans to roundup 700 horses and permanently remove 300 of them. About 125 mares will receive the PZP fertility vaccine and be released. By January 23, 291 horses were removed; one death occurred when an elderly stallion with an enlarged, arthritic knee was euthanized.

A copy of the BLM’s removal schedule can be reviewed here: